Tuesday 7th February 2017: Home Educators at Jodrell Bank

Volunteer Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers helped to run a special bird-themed day for home educators at Jodrell Bank Arboretum.  The session focussed on taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch, The RSPB’s national citizen science project and the biggest wildlife survey in the world.    The group learned about the work of the RSPB, the methodology for the bird survey, how to identify some common wild birds and how to use binoculars safely. Armed with binoculars, telescopes and identification sheets families explored the Arboretum in gorgeous spring sunshine. After one hour the bird list comprised 18 species including … Click here for more information…..

Friday 25th January 2017:Rainow Pre-School

  Some of the youngest birdwatchers we have seen in 2017 took part in the Rainow Pre-School Big Garden Birdwatch. At the start of the session children learned how we identify birds by listening to their calls and looking at their colours. Everyone wrapped up warm to go outside. Some of the children had brought their own binoculars from home. The whole group learned how to use binoculars safely and to be especially careful not to look at directly at the sun or walk along when looking through them.             Despite the cold weather it was very bright and … Click here for more information…..

Wednesday 25th January 2017:Puss Bank Primary

There have been sunny birdwatches. There have been rainy and even snowy birdwatches but we think our 2017 Big School Birdwatch at Puss Bank Primary School was the coldest yet! The temperatures were down to minus two degrees! Working with a partner, birdwatchers from Reception, Year 1 and Year2 used binoculars and identification sheets to help them take part in the survey. Children got great views of bullfinch and chaffinch. Blackheaded gulls flew overhead looking very white against the grey sky.                         Year two pupils really got the hang of spotting the birds and pointed out … Click here for more information…..

Wednesday 25th January 2017:Kettleshulme St James Primary School

Our afternoon Birdwatch at Kettleshulme St. James  Primary School this year was conducted in bright winter sunshine. It was cold and blustery too so students wrapped up well with gloves, coats and some fantastic hats. All three classes learned about the ways birdwatchers use their senses to help identify birds. Class three even identified some famous birdwatchers (from Albert Einstein to Cameron Diaz!).                          Volunteer Leaders were very impressed at how well all the children remembered the safety rules for using binoculars from last year’s survey– ‘Never look at the sun with binoculars’ was especially important due … Click here for more information…..

Tuesday 24th January 2017:Prestbury CE Primary

Our Birdwatch at Prestbury CE Primary School started frosty but the morning sunshine soon brightened up proceedings. The first few groups were treated to excellent views of mistle thrush on the playing field, looking for food in the sunshine. Smaller birds were flying from tree to tree taking advantage of the cover of ivy on the trees. Eagle-eyed birdwatchers spotted coal tit, blue tit, great tit and even a few long-tailed tits.                                                        As well as a couple of cheeky squirrels, several magpies and jackdaws (emboldened by the lure of a liberal sprinkling of bird … Click here for more information…..

Monday 23rd January 2017:The King’s School in Macclesfield – Junior Division

Our second Birdwatch at Victoria Park took place on another dry, crisp morning. Even before the children arrived there were signs that this was going to be a promising session. Leaders were greeted at their vantage point in the bandstand with a nuthatch calling, then promptly flying into view and checking out one of the park nestboxes. There was a small flock of redwings sifting through leaves on the lawns (which gained in numbers as the morning progressed).                Three groups of children from the King’s School Junior Division walked over to the park for consecutive sessions identifying and … Click here for more information…..

Friday 20th January 2017: Hurdsfield Primary

Bright winter sunshine was the order of the day for the Hurdsfield Primary School Big School Birdwatch.     Students got great views of birds using the telescopes. We were even treated to a rooftop view of a Jackdaw eating a huge chunk of bread he had scavenged and we even watched blue tits and a nuthatch prospecting the same nestbox.                           Blue tits and long-tailed tits were flitting through the trees and eagle-eyed birdwatchers spotted dunnock, wren and robin under the hedges. There were plenty of squirrels competing with a large group of wood … Click here for more information…..

Thursday 19th January 2017:Ivy Bank Primary

  Year one at Ivy Bank Primary school had lots of fun taking part in the Big School Birdwatch. In the classroom we learned about which senses we use to identify birds and the characteristics we look for to help us decide which species of bird we have spotted. (Colour, size, shape and call).                                                                                              Wrapped up warm and with binoculars and ID sheets to hand the groups headed outside to survey the birds in the school grounds. We spotted a small flock of chaffinches and a jay searching for food … Click here for more information…..

Wednesday 18th January 2017: Bosley Bobkins and Bosley St Mary’s Primary

Leaders visited Bobkins Nursery and Bosley St Mary’s Primary School on the same morning. Despite the misty morning the air was full of birdsong . Infant and Junior Classes remembered lots of information from previous birdwatches, like how and why we count the birds for The RSPB,  and all of the important guidelines for using binoculars safely.                                          As well as healthy populations of starling and house sparrow, children spotted collared doves, carrion crow, mallard, robin and dunnock. Students counted an incredible 244 Canada geese in the field (with a sneaky farmyard goose and two Barnacle … Click here for more information…..

Tuesday 17th January 2017: Terra Nova

Leaders from Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers had a lovely morning birdwatching with Nursery and Reception classes from Terra Nova School. The children learned that we can identify garden birds by their calls and features like colour, shape and size.  Armed with binoculars and ID sheets all the classes completed a small circuit of the school buildings and did a brilliant job counting the birds that they spotted. Even the youngest birdwatchers in Nursery were able to  identify  birds they saw using the ID sheets. Reception classes had been busy making different types of bird food so the school grounds had … Click here for more information…..