16th January 2018: Rainow Pre School Little Schools Birdwatch

Overnight snow did not deter Rainow Pre School Birdwatchers from completing their ‘Little School Birdwatch’. The session started indoors with everyone listening to birdsong and looking at pictures of some of our most familiar birds. Tina and Susan were delighted that the children were so interested in birds, some could even identify blackbirds, blue tits and even a woodpecker. Everyone identified the robin with ease.

The children enthusiastically named some of the other birds they knew like harpy eagle and penguin.

When it was time for our Birdwatching walk everyone wrapped up warm with coats, hats and scarves. Most of the morning snow had melted but there was a bitterly cold wind so it was important to keep everyone warm and comfortable.

We learned how to use binoculars safely and then set off with our partners along the lane.
The group spotted lots of jackdaws sheltering in the trees and when a female blackbird sat in the hedge calling we had great views – even without binoculars. We heard house sparrows tweeting and magpies cackling. We watched a carrion crow looking for food in the field and at the end of the walk the children returned to Pre School for a very welcome drink and snack.

Bird List
Blue tit
Carrion crow
Great tit
House sparrow

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