Monday 18th September 2017:The Sun – The Solar System and the Source of Life

The first indoor meeting of the new Wildlife Explorers season focussed on the source of energy for all life – the Sun.

Children began the evening by selecting a planet from our solar system and designing an extra-terrestrial creature with special adaptations to live successfully in conditions there.
The group learned about the importance of the sun and the way that energy is transferred through food chains and food webs.

To help us understand how the earth relates to our neighbours in the solar system we listened to a song about the eight planets and older explorers had the treat of a second song about the dwarf planets. (Leaders Frankie and Tina couldn’t resist a bit of a dance!)

We learned about the relative distances of the planets from the sun with the help of a toilet roll!

Using cds and transparent sheets explorers created their own colourful planets to take home.



RSPB Phoenix learned about a selection of birds adapted to make the most of unusual diets, from European Bee Eaters to the blood-drinking Vampire Finches of the Galapagos.


The sessions rounded off with a team game involving the construction of food chains and complex food webs.


It was fabulous to meet members new and old after the summer break – we are all looking forward to a season packed with interesting meetings.




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