Sunday 17th September 2017: Jodrell Bank Working Party



As part of our ongoing partnership with Jodrell Bank the Macclesfield RSPB Wildlife Explorers came together this September for a working party in the Arboretum. The day was grey and overcast but the group were raring to go as usual particularly since Becky, Head of Gardens and Interpretation,  was offering to carry most of the tools and equipment to site in her handy buggy.

Tools and equipment were prepared and loaded and transported to site ready to work at one of the arboretum’s bird hides. Loppers, shear, secateurs were all necessary for us to work to clear vegetation from around the hide to allow visitors to get in and out easily plus clear the view to the wildlife pond opposite.

  The group also had brought with them a nest box donated to Jodrell Bank by the Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build. The box was installed and, once the Wildlife Explorers had cleared a space of vegetation, it joined a large bird feeder station outside the windows of the hide to provide a luxury location for the local birds to enjoy.


The cuttings and branches were not just disposed of, Becky was keen to make a feature of them by creating a ‘dead hedge’ the other side of the hide. This was a rather artistic job for the volunteers crossed with a little bit of what felt like knitting! Once completed the dead hedge was not only a useful fence to guide visitors to the hide entrance but also an extra bit of habitat for the wildlife.


Our final job was to spruce up the inside of the hide with some Bird id posters and then give it a bit of test! Job done and we didn’t get too wet.


A week or so after our work, Becky was pleased to say that the feeders were already busy with hungry visitors regularly visiting. We will be back as a group in the future to do some birdwatching and to check on any new Bird families using the new Bird box.

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