Monday 15th May 2017: The Sounds of Nature

The penultimate meeting of the season was dedicated to ‘The Sounds of Nature’.
At the start of the meeting Explorers designed CD covers for a Wildlife Sounds Greatest Hits CD after selecting their favourite sounds for a wild soundtrack. Birdsong was very popular but lots of other animal noises featured too.
We learned that animals use sound to communicate for lots of different reasons. Sound can be used to make contact with others of the same species, advertise for a mate, beg for food from a parent, act as a warning or declare territory.  The sound quiz was quite an eye-opener. Familiar sounds like collared dove and blue tit were easy enough to identify but other less familiar animal noises such a grasshopper, frog and bittern proved much more difficult without the visual clues or an idea of habitat.
The craft for the evening was an insect buzzer. Everyone had great fun constructing and then testing it by spinning it round on its string to hear the kind of noise it would make. At one point the hall was filled with the sound of buzzes and hums.
Sound Charades was a popular game at both meetings. Explorers gave plausible renditions of the noises made by dolphins, gibbons, hyenas and even a giant anteater although there were lots of giggles from the teams struggling to guess!
The older group also played a team game guessing and drawing animals from clues. There were definitely some interesting artistic interpretations of whales, red deer and collared dove.
The group are hoping to support The Wildlife Trusts’ initiative ’30 Days Wild’ throughout  June. The idea is to do something wild (something simple to help wildlife, watching or looking for wildlife, etc.) for every day in June. Explorers each selected a ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ card for inspiration.

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