Saturday 17th June : The Macclesfield Big Bird Box Build Big Bird Race


Unlike most Wildlife Explorer meetings our last outdoor meeting of the 2016/17 season required some special equipment: sun hats and suntan cream. It was a glorious, sunny day and very, very hot

Armed with binoculars, bird books and a couple of birdwatching experts we walked along the River Bollin looking and listening for the largest number of bird species possible. We were hopeful of seeing dipper and even kingfisher and although they didn’t feature on our final bird list we did see a really good selection of different species and had great views of grey heron sunbathing with their wings outstretched.

We looked out for the mysterious ‘otter’ that has been spotted and even filmed on this stretch of the Bollin but it didn’t oblige. (Our resident wildlife experts have looked at the footage and think it is much more likely to be a mink).

It was really good to see the water in the dipping ponds along the park teeming with tadpoles. Huge numbers of damselflies were gathering round the surface of the ponds to mate and lay eggs.

By the end of our walk, on such a scorching hot day, we were keen to head for the shade near the visitor centre and tuck into cold drinks and a picnic.



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