Monday 20th March 2017: A Minibeast Mystery

The March indoor meeting was focussed on the amazing world of minibeasts. Leader Martin explained the extraordinary process of metamorphosis and the incredible features of these tiny invertebrates. We watched a video of the life cycle of a bee seeing the amazing transformation from grub to adult.

The craft element of the meeting was completing the undersea woven collages started at the previous meeting. The collages would soon be part of the Tegg’s Nose Country Park exhibition ‘Nature Connections’

Teenage RSPB Phoenix members also took part in a special session learning about the differences between native, introduced and invasive species. They found out about the quite unexpected origins of some familiar and iconic wild animals.

As with all Wildlife Explorer meetings the session rounded off with lots of fun and games. Teams of explorers hunted for (artificial) minibeasts in a ‘lucky dip’ box before matching them to bingo sheets.


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