Monday 21st March 2016: Spring is Sprung

Wildlife Explorers celebrated the changing seasons at their ‘Spring is Sprung’ sessions. Explorers demonstrated their knowledge of natural changes and signs of spring silently by drawing pictures for their friends to guess.

DSC_0330 (2) DSC_0328 (2) IMG_1313 IMG_1300

As the first migrant birds are appearing now Explorers were challenged to sort pictures of them in the order of their arrival in the UK (very much more difficult that it sounds – especially as Leader Martin added some ‘red herrings’ ).

DSC_0280 DSC_0279 IMG_1296 IMG_1298 IMG_1301

Spring is also a time when trees come into bud and new plants begin to emerge as seeds germinate from the warming soil. Explorers got creative decorating plant pots and then planted them with a selection of wildflowers and flowers that benefit pollinating insects.

DSC_0287 (2) DSC_0292 (2) DSC_0295 IMG_1304 DSC_0347 (2)    DSC_0304









Leader David gave a talk to the second group about what it is like to study Ecology and Physical Geography at university .


The sessions were rounded off with a game of Frogger – an environmental version of the party game ‘Wink Murder’ where instead a frog consumes prey items by licking out his tongue without being noticed by a detective.

DSC_0362 (2)DSC_0373

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