Monday 8th February 2015: Life in the Trees

The theme for our February indoor meeting was ‘Life in the Trees’. The session started with lots of intriguing tree-based puzzles, mazes and wordsearches . Leader Martin explained the structure of trees and how a huge range of different creatures depend on these incredible plants for food and shelter. We created a living sculpture of the structure of a tree – everything from the tap root, lateral roots and heartwood to the xylem, phloem and bark (complete with actions and noises to represent the functions of each part). Wildlife Explorers then created a ‘Wishes Tree’ – writing their hopes for … Click here for more information…..

Saturday 30th January 2016: Big Garden Birdwatch at Jackson’s Brickworks

Wildlife Explorers braved bitterly cold winds and snow showers to count the birds at Jackson’s Brickworks as part of the biggest wildlife survey in the world, The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. Last year over half a million people spent just one hour over the Birdwatch weekend counting a staggering total of more than eight and a half million birds. The information that is collected by amateur birdwatchers in thousands of gardens across Britain provides a snapshot of the health of our garden bird populations and helps the RSPB identify conservation priorities for the future. The final bird list for the … Click here for more information…..

January 2016: Prestbury CE Primary School

The first three minutes of Prestbury CE School’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch were incredible – birdwatchers were able to add Treecreeper and Goldcrest (Britain’s smallest bird) to their bird list in no time at all! During an Assembly for the whole school Leaders explained how our Wildlife Explorers Youth Group in Macclesfield make learning about wildlife fun. They highlighted some of the different ways our members take action to help nature. The school were encouraged to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch at home and, after sharing some basic identification tips, Leaders demonstrated the special way we count during our … Click here for more information…..

January 2016: Hurdsfield Primary School – Victoria Park

Pupils from Hurdsfield Primary School walked in groups from school to take part in Birdwatching sessions at Victoria Park. Despite a poor weather forecast the children were full of enthusiasm and Leaders were very impressed with the large amount of information that the young birdwatchers recalled from sessions in previous years. Based on the bandstand, pupils used binoculars and ID sheets to help them count different bird species. Pupils spotted Britain’s two tiniest birds – the goldcrest and the wren, a huge flock of Long-tailed tits and the largest total of Wood pigeons in our School Birdwatches this year. Blackbird … Click here for more information…..

January 2016: King’s School – Victoria Park

Pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 at King’s Junior Division took part in Birdwatching sessions at Victoria Park during a bright and sunny morning. Based on the bandstand, pupils used binoculars and ID sheets to help them count an impressive number of different species. Blackbird   2 Blackheaded gull   4 Blue tits   4 Carrion crow   8 Chaffinch   3 Dunnock   1 Goldfinch   4 Great tit   1 Jackdaw   14 Magpie   4 Mistle thrush   1 Nuthatch   1 Pied wagtail  1 Redwing   2 Robin   1 Treecreeper   1 Wood pigeon   … Click here for more information…..

January 2016: Kettleshulme St James

The Kettleshulme St. James Birdwatch took place on a blustery afternoon with a couple of heavy rain showers thrown in for good measure. Despite this Leaders and pupils from all three classes stayed cheerful and had lots of fun learning about the most familiar birds and the important conservation purpose behind the Birdwatch. We used binoculars and a telescope to watch the birds in the school grounds . Children worked really hard to located the singing birds that were hiding in thick hedgerows so that they could identify them with confidence. As well as Chaffinches, Blue tits, Great tits and … Click here for more information…..

January 2016: Puss Bank Primary School

The Puss Bank  Birdwatch took place on a very windy morning. This didn’t deter the Jackdaws who warmed themselves on nearby chimney pots and the Blackheaded gulls that soared overhead. The children were very excited to spot a pair of magpies on the field.   Eagle-eyed volunteer Mark spotted a Sparrowhawk flying overhead  – the first bird of prey of this year’s Birdwatches. Most pupils got the chance to get great, detailed views of Wood pigeons in the trees using a telescope.   Birdwatchers also spotted Blue tits, a Goldfinch, a Bullfinch and Siskins foraging in the alder trees . … Click here for more information…..