November 2015 : Prestbury Rainbows

On 25th November, leaders Tina and Martin visited Prestbury Rainbows to run a session about winter wildlife. Rainbows learned about the different strategies wildlife species employ to cope with the changing seasons. The girls watched an incredible video about how bats lower their metabolism to cope with temperatures below freezing and completed a quiz about British Wildlife in winter. Later, the Rainbows made pine cone owls to take home, and finished off the evening with a game that illustrated the differences between migration, adaptation and hibernation.     … Click here for more information…..

Monday 16th November 2015: Happy Hibernators

The last Wildlife Explorers indoor meeting of 2015 was appropriately seasonal, focussing on how wildlife around the world copes with falling temperatures and harsh winter weather.  Nature copes with the changing seasons in a number of incredible ways. From migration to hibernation the children enjoyed finding out more about how our British wildlife adapts to colder temperatures and shorter days. Explorers learned how bats reduce their metabolic rates to deal with long periods without food, how hares and stoats change colour to stay camouflaged in the snow and all about incredible butterfly migrations. Appreciating the challenges faced by wild creatures … Click here for more information…..

Saturday 7th November 2015: Woodland Wildlife and Dens

Wildlife Explorers headed to our closest RSPB reserve, Coombes Valley, to explore the woodland play trail and try their hand at a spot of den building. As well as considering the way different creatures adapt to the changing seasons Explorers were set a variety of challenges as they followed the play trail. As well as discovering the Storytelling Circle and Fairy Village, Explorers had fun with the balance beams, stepping stones and bucket-pull. In recognition of the group’s 30th Anniversary celebrations two teams also used the latest additions to the trail, a huge wooden xylophone and a hanging sound sculpture to create unusual renditions of … Click here for more information…..