17th May 2015: Chester Zoo- Darwin Discovery Day

More than 40 Wildlife Explorers and their parents visited Chester Zoo for a special Darwin Discovery Day.


The group followed a trail devised to replicate the historic voyage of The Beagle and we were accompanied by Captain Fitzroy and the eminent Mr Charles Darwin (as well as two naughty cabin boys!)



The voyage encompassed many different countries round the world and a whole host of incredible animals. Explorers completed quiz questions   and a bingo sheet and they were also challeneged to do impressions of flamingos and a dodo!

IMG_0474 IMG_0460 IMG_0459 IMG_0447 IMG_0473


Incredibly the group were present to watch the first feeding of the Komodo Dragon for a month.



Other highlights included watching the penguins underwater, the incredible birds flying round the Tropical Realm and navigating our way through the Fruit Bat Forest.


The afternoon was spent at leisure exploring the parts of the zoo our voyage had not covered – favourites being the Orang Utans, the Jaguars and the Elephants.


IMG_0372 DSC_0203

IMG_0356 IMG_6384


Thanks to everyone who travelled to spend the day with us and to our Leaders for their hard work devising and guiding the trail.


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