Monday 12th January 2015: Bosley St Marys

Our first Birdwatch of 2015 took place at Bosley St. Marys. In the classroom we discussed how the Birdwatch helps to ‘Give Nature a Home’ by identifying species that are declining so that The RSPB can take conservation action to help them We also talked about how to identify common garden birds the and the specific way we count for the survey.

Despite dull, cold weather we still saw a wide range of different species, reflecting the lovely rural location of the school. These included rooks, house sparrows, collared doves and even greylag geese. Children used binoculars and telescopes to identify the birds.
DSC_6590_comp  DSC_6600_2
One group counted 185 Canada Geese grazing on the field. This is the most birds of any one species that we have seen locally on a Big Schools’ Birdwatch.
The children at Bobkins Nursery learned that different birds are different colours and have different songs. They also about other wildlife that we may see in our gardens at home like squirrels, foxes and badges. Bobkins then completed their part of the Birdwatch from their balcony overlooking the school grounds.

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